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This time I will discuss the design of home kitchens with a minimalist and modern concept at this time the concept of the kitchen is to implement a system made of wood and marble, mothers and children want to choose the concept of a house with a minimalist and modern concept is one example of a concept that very good and good for children and families models like this are very suitable for large families and small families because at this time using a wide system and by using a high ceiling to make it look more luxurious children who want to play in the kitchen is very suitable for using wide and large kitchen and with a wider kitchen concept.

The advantages of this kitchen concept is to use a combination of wood and concrete with a very good color variant and striking examples on the table and kitchen counter using white where it is perfect to make the kitchen look more luxurious and look very clean then on This kitchen floor uses original colors of wood which are blackish brown and with wooden chairs and black brown color This kitchen uses a concept that is very bright and not dark to make it look more comfortable when we gather with family and eat food The kitchen is also equipped with 3 lights on the top of the table the food is used to illuminate when the condition of the room is dark or when it rains during the day, then on this part of the table it looks equipped with flowers Then there are complete equipment fruits and the kitchen is also equipped with a bread cooker or to burn bread then with men at the top This kitchen is also equipped with large glass windows so that the kitchen looks bright.

the disadvantage of this kitchen concept is that many white parts throughout the kitchen can make the kitchen look dirty quickly Serka sometimes children often play in the kitchen or children often write writing in the kitchen or table that will make the kitchen look character and dirty and difficult to clean up the other shortcomings in this kitchen is the absence of a fan at the top of the kitchen but for those whose houses have air conditioning or air conditioning there is no need to add air conditioning but this is one very important factor sometimes it can be after cooking or providing the food make us and eat food does not feel good and comfortable when the family gatherings are lacking again in this concept is there is no entertainment in this part of the kitchen entertainment is one of the important factors to improve the kitchen so that we can gather with family longer and enjoy a longer meal.

Maybe this is the only disadvantage and advantages of this kitchen concept, which was explained earlier. This kitchen is very comfortable for large families to use. Little children all depend on you family and children to choose the concept of the kitchen so that we can enjoy comfort when gathering with families in the kitchen. .

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