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this time I will discuss the concept of a modern and classic kitchen but luxurious joking all families and children want to have a kitchen that is more spacious and comfortable when gathering with family that is a very desirable choice for families but this time you can example to make a kitchen with good and good concepts and with a beautiful blend of colors make your kitchen look more alive and comfortable when gathering with family and children while playing sometimes we when choosing the concept of the kitchen certainly that comes to our minds is a luxurious kitchen concept with a striking interior or the more clammy colors all depend on all of you or the mothers who want to choose a good concept, for this time the concept can actually be almost the same as the previous kitchen concept but at this time the kitchen is available a small table in the middle of the kitchen which is used to store food so that it is easy to cook when cooking make food.

the drawback to the kitchen concept this time is in the color of the cream color that makes this kitchen concept not look fancy or clean instead it looks dull kitchen or not bright should this kitchen be clean plain white which makes the kitchen feel cool and not hot in the kitchen is not available only chairs in the middle of the table that can be used to relax with the family while eating food with children and then on the lighting of this kitchen lack of cindella or lighting in this room or this kitchen is also a major factor so that the kitchen looks brighter and cleaner and we can save electricity usage without having to use lamp lighting as well as lack of entertainment for example television to enjoy entertainment and children want to gather in the kitchen room, this kitchen also looks narrower not suitable for children playing in the kitchen because with a small space of children – children are not free to play in the room with the kitchen, for the next group in this kitchen is no fan or air conditioner but the part of the house that is equipped with air conditioning is no longer necessary to install a fan or air conditioner because in this room there is a lack of windows or air vents to make the room more cool.

The advantages of this kitchen concept are that the design is very simple and the combination of colors that are classic may be for the variable mother and child and family does not match this color change because this person is very dark and does not look brighter or luxurious but all have their own advantages, namely kitchen not quickly look dirty in the kitchen or when we cook the spillage of food ingredients excess in sending in this kitchen is available drawers on the kitchen table and at the center of the kitchen on the kitchen floor using the concept of brown wood how this classic concept looks more modern but This luxury is also equipped with lavender flowers where the flower is useful to make the room more fragrant and can also repel mosquitoes in the kitchen, it is also equipped with lights on the top of the kitchen table. 3 This lamp uses a classic concept with light emitting not too bright this is made so ru pa so that it looks more classic this product is also decorated with a picture frame and equipped with kitchen utensils and on the wall using rock carvings how this makes the kitchen more classic.

 lack of strengths of this kitchen concept, please choose the kitchen concept that you want with your child and family. Choose the kitchen concept according to the desires and concepts needed for your home and family. Because the concept determines comfort and pleasure in food and gather with family, invite children and family you to choose the appropriate concept so that later we are not wrong in the Kitchen recipe.

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