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A house with a minimalist concept is one of the dreams of families and millennial children because with a house with a modern concept is one of the factors to make a better and better house with a larger concept with this larger land can make the house look more green and we can make parking in parts of the house because parking is one of the most important at this time when we make a house and choose the concept of a house with a very good blend of colors and bright because color is a very important factor.

 the advantages of this house concept is that the house is very neatly arranged where from the front of the iron barrier or trellis house with the concept of a small staircase on the left side of the house and on the left side there is a garage to store cars where the fence is green where its function to make our house feel cooler then on the wall part of the house fence there are 2 large light bulbs where this lamp is used to illuminate the fence and make the concept of the house moreover it looks modern for color in this concept this house uses dark red and white and in each of these houses use many windows where this window is used for daylight in every room of the house, this house is also located on the roadside so that it makes the house close to the road because access is a factor for us home exit.
 The disadvantage of this concept is that the choice of colors in this house is very dark, not using brighter colors that are striking because the lighter and more striking colors make our home look more luxurious and bright. Why color selection is a very important factor when we build home Choose colors that make the feel of the house cool, for example white sky blue and others the disadvantages of this house are the many windows in each room where it is now not recommended to make a house using more word concepts because now we carry the concept global warming to make the house adjust the land and for example we give a little land to make the garage for the garage of this house less large because it is only able to accommodate 1 car and not to mention we have a motorcycle rental motorbike.

for home selection Choose a concept that you want the concept is also an important factor in making a house with greener and broader nuance gives us comfort in resting and occupants of the house concept of home invite children and your family to choose the concept of the house according to your needs is one reference for you to choose the concept of the house.

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