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The kitchen with a luxurious and modern concept must be the dream of all the mothers and families this time. I will review the modern kitchen concept and equipped with complete equipment to choose the kitchen concept, we definitely want to have a kitchen concept that looks luxurious and neat and modern. eat one of our factors to choose the kitchen concept because with the concept of an outdoor kitchen we will be comfortable lingering in the kitchen with our family and children.

 the advantages of this kitchen concept are the luxurious appearance and modern kitchen is also equipped with round lights so that the room looks luxurious but this lamp does not look bright because it is equipped with small lights on the kitchen ceiling using 10 small lights mounted on the top to make the nuances of the room more visible in this part of the kitchen is also provided a Long Table which is used to put food and to wash hands ie sink kitchen concept is also equipped with doors that lead directly out so that we are easy to enjoy the atmosphere of the outside for a blend of colors it uses silver and cream. This color makes the concept of a kitchen more luxurious and also the kitchen is equipped with men in that part of the kitchen and with a large fridge. The kitchen is also equipped with photographs and kitchen utensils to make the kitchen more filled with This kitchen floor uses the concept of marble golden yellow which makes the display more luxurious and the table uses white and the man has a kitchen.

The shortcomings of this kitchen concept are that there is a lack of white headlights so that the kitchen’s more visible space is also the absence of chair seats at the dining table should be for the concept of the kitchen. How should this chair sit for children and extended families when enjoying the meal then for the lack of this kitchen is the absence of windows or air vents available in this concept that makes the room make a smell from food aroma can not come out to overcome this kitchen concept must be typhus or air conditioner so that the room looks fresh and no smell, the next drawback This concept is the absence of television entertainment to enjoy meals and aquariums for kitchen equipment to make it look more attractive, etc. ministers are very important because holidays can make families feel at home in the kitchen and children will play in the kitchen.

 when we will choose the concept of the kitchen concept in accordance with the desires of the needs of mothers and families, invite the families of children and their families to choose good and good concepts because the concept is good both make us feel at home in the kitchen with a broader concept all depends on Your choice is a reference for you to choose a better kitchen concept.

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