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The big kitchen is one of the mothers and families this time I will discuss the concept of a large kitchen, a large room in the kitchen is a concept for large families to gather with our large kitchen concept easy to make the kitchen concept look more luxurious and neat and food it is more attractive but it all depends on the selection of concepts you all like the concept of a kitchen that looks smaller or minimalist or you only have a small family not for a large family.

the advantages of this kitchen concept are with a large room and having 2 tables in one kitchen using a large size table and the other using a small table size a large table is not available chairs but a small table is available maybe this concept is deliberately a big ninja only used to put food for a meal we use a small ninja equipped with a chair, for a combination of using laughing colors this makes, this kitchen also has two plastic lights on this small table also makes the room more very classic look and there are many windows on This room is used to illuminate the room so it does not look dark The concept is also equipped with a flower pot As well as kitchen fittings, almost all of these concepts use a cream color then on the table using black and the floor also uses black and drawers on each table.

for this has disadvantages, namely in the part of the lamp that is inadequate for night and day lighting sometimes during the day when it rains the room will be dark so we must have lighting so the room still looks bright for the concept of the color of the kitchen also looks dark because cream color and does not look fancy You can use white that looks cleaner and brighter, the lack of this concept also does not have television entertainment where this month is also very important in this part of the kitchen can make us feel at home in the kitchen with the family and children,

 to choose the concept of the kitchen depends on mothers and families the concept of the kitchen according to your home needs and the family sometimes we want to choose a minimalist and small kitchen concept or vice versa we want to choose a wider kitchen concept so that children can play in the kitchen one of the references for you makes your kitchen look more neat with the concept that I provide or my dear family review and children and family to choose the concept of the kitchen so that we do not choose the kitchen concept as we wish.

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