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Welcome to our website, of course, Again And Again, this time we will review a very luxurious, yet minimalist, house building that you want to live in with your beloved family and also your beloved children, a minimalist house that is not too large, located in Pantai Indah Kapuk as you can see this house is very comfortable and also of course complete facilities by having two cars or having 2 garage places for sports and also what the family needs are all here because indeed this house is made very minimalist also practical but very complete.

 talking about the advantages of this house Surely a lot of this house is located or has a 2-story building with a minimalist concept or European-style house color is also very cool atmosphere and also heart because this color is very elegant with brown color of course Neutral if occupied by all people or all ages. the advantages of this house is that it is very clean and neat, of course, it will always be fun to complete the plants or flower decorations in front, which are quite lush and even add to the coolness of the house. This home page is also spacious. So you who have this house can exercise or play with your children.

This house area is also very strategically located in the city. This house is very safe to live in a family that has small children or babies because this house is free from pollution even though it is located in the city 6 this house is very clean safe and far from the smoke of vehicles from cigarette smoke or secondhand smoke from burning garbage.

 but in this house there are also shortcomings, this house looks a lot of glass on the second floor of this house which makes the atmosphere of the house hot inside even though of course this house is equipped with AC because a house that is too much glass will cause global warming because it will reflect sunlight If you want to own this house, you can replace it with wooden ornaments and also cooler, of course, but if you are the person who really wants to be friends with me, the neighbor of this house doesn’t seem to be friends with neighbors because if you are in a group like this or your neighbor if you live in a place like this people are busy working from morning to evening so we recommend that if you want to have this house you can invite your children or grandchildren so that this house becomes more crowded because remembering this very large page is really a shame if it’s not occupied perfectly so about.

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