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This time I will charge a very simple modern and luxurious kitchen concept for mothers and children and families when they want to choose a kitchen concept that suits their home needs. Choose the color of the kitchen and blend the color of the kitchen so that it doesn’t look different from the color of the house we have then Choose a kitchen concept that looks more spacious with lots of air vents and chairs provided in the kitchen. For the day Mother would want to choose the kitchen concept with white because white makes the kitchen look clean and tidy but white can also make the kitchen look dirty therefore this time I will review the kitchen concept with a simple yet luxurious and modern look.

 the advantages of this kitchen concept is that the kitchen is very simple but neat, not much furniture or equipment available on the table or on the table but very neat, but for those of you who want to add jewelry, please try the kitchen because of the kitchen concept this time cream with a combination of dark black and brown on the kitchen wall uses print to make the kitchen concept look more luxurious and at the dining table this kitchen concept uses dark black brown color with original wood color to make the kitchen feel more classic and luxurious for this table material using wood with original colors in the wood part of the kitchen is also equipped with a transparent chair seat that makes the chair more luxurious and the more modern room can also slide or rotate the kitchen is equipped with a large enough window where this window is used to illuminate the kitchen room so as not it looks dark when we don’t do not use electric lights to study this kitchen kitchen floor using marble with this material is very good for the floor and easy when we clean for the dining table part of this kitchen is made with a large table so that we easily put food or serve food.

the drawback of this kitchen concept is the combination of colors that are less suitable or striking in cream color is very less striking and makes the room not look fancy We should be able to choose more striking colors such as clean white or other colors that are more sharp stories depends on us and the owner because the color of cream like this does not quickly make the kitchen look dirty the next drawback in this kitchen is the absence of flowers or kitchen utensils that we should put on this kitchen table to make it look luxurious and neat. This spacious room is very comfortable to play with children and gather with family but chairs that use glass or transparent are also very dangerous for children because they are easily broken and can hurt our children while playing in the kitchen This kitchen concept is also not equipped with lights When it rains during the day Normally the room will fall look dark so we have to use lights to illuminate the room the next drawback of this concept is the absence of bursts in the kitchen the advantages of the entertainment that we install is to make children and families feel at home in the kitchen when gathered.

 it all depends on mothers and families to choose a kitchen concept that is suitable for your home and our needs invite children and families to choose a good and good kitchen concept so that we do not regret the wrong choice of this kitchen concept is one kitchen concept that might You apply it in your home and as a reference to classic and modern kitchen concepts.

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