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Houses with minimalist concepts and modern classical concepts are the choices of mothers today and families with concepts that make us feel at home at home and children will love to play in the green concept of the concept of the house today which carries more concepts modern because of this millennial age concept child I will give one of the concepts of a house with a classic concept.

 the advantages of this house concept is that this house uses a classic concept where it looks to use basic building materials with a blend of white and brown color with the concept of Go Green houses like this are only suitable for our grandparents for millennials might not be suitable this environment has been using a green garden and using a flower pot this house using a large yard and using enough glass for lighting on the inside of the house is also equipped with the 2nd floor where the 2nd floor can be used for family gathering and home appliances or home appliances on this house concept also use very high concepts or houses with modern and classic concepts.
  the lack of concept of this house is less modern in this part of the house and there is no fence on the house part of the yard which is still narrow then in the car and motorcycle garage there is not enough children’s playground and a less conspicuous blend of colors in the house on the front of the house there is no lighting available, it is also useful to illuminate the small yard of the yard, it is also difficult to park guests as well because there is no parking space in the narrow land.

 the shape of a good house and classic house according to your wishes and the families of the children hit by a house that suits our desires to make us feel at home in a cool, not hot condition with suitable color lecturers and modern equipment that also supports us to linger in In a house and a wider area of ​​parking available enough lighting is one of the considerations to make this house an example to consider the choice of home concepts that you will make.

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