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This time we will discuss the concept of a minimalist house, this time the concept of this house uses a lot of glass on the outside or on the window for you and your family who want to choose or have a concept like this can be a reference for the future This concept is very simple with a combination of colors which is very neat and structured, for those of you who want a concept like this it is very suitable for your reference section pet a good and good concept for your home concept because the concept is one of the main factors of comfort in making a home

  the advantages of this house concept is the design of glass on the wall with a concept like this makes the room brighter without us having to use the concept lights like this makes us able to save electricity without having to linger on the lights of this house also equipped with two floors where upstairs can be used to relax this house keep the color combination using a lot of dark colors the concept of this house looks darker and not bright but looks more modern on the front of the house there are two lounge chairs where these chairs function for us to relax in front of the house for the floor the house is also equipped with a guardrail so that our children do not fall from the top floor of this house equipped with lights that deliberately with the room is not bright makes the nuance of the house look more modern, the glass walls also make it easier for us or speed up the house and outside nuances can be directly dip without having to open the window again.

 the drawback of this concept is that too much glass on the walls of this house makes the sun or the heat of the sun direct to the parts of the house and the shortcomings of this greenhouse are fragile and global warming for this part of the house is not enough if dark daylight or rain to illuminate a dark room then from a deficiency This concept is less neatly arranged on the inside of the house where the house should be very neatly arranged with a structured concept and brighter and more striking colors selection makes the house concept value more looks luxurious, on the part of the house should be available flower pots how this flower functions to make the value of the house look cooler and comfortable when we are at home making the feel of the house look greener.

 when you choose the concept of home design Choose a house with green because the concept of a green house or Go Green is a concept that is predicted today for homes that are environmentally friendly and choose a house with a concept that suits the needs and needs of the house and therefore invite family and children – your child to choose a concept that suits the needs of housewives and families.

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