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Good morning, welcome to our website this time our website will review a fairly classic kitchen concept or maybe even very classic because seen from the furniture and also the color of this kitchen all Classic, the first I will review this room with all brown color walls and the brown floor and even the tables and chairs are all brown and made of wood for a concept like this, usually parents are more happy to spend time here because the theme and the concept are very cool and also pleasing especially when eating together with family is interesting from this concept is that the roof of this house is made of corrugated roofs with all-brown brick wall hangings.

 This rather dim and rather bright lamp gives a romantic impression the advantages of this kitchen concept are soothing and also very private if used by eating with husband and wife or with the family talking about family life in daily life and even ornaments made of jars -This wash really adds to the antique of this room the lights installed above are very luxurious and an advantage also the kitchen on the right side of the left is very easy to clean all the necessities while eating. there is one more advantage of this room that the banners that are very neatly arranged inside or taped to the wall add a unique impression and also look like wall hangings even though the tools are actually tools for cooking. Especially with a classic room like this can be added with such embers to warm this room like a European style, it can also be an inspiration for your kitchen if you want to make or buy a kitchen like this.

deficiencies, namely the lack of wind circulation or the window in this room is reduced because of that if you have this kitchen you have to need air conditioning because it is seen from a very closed room, of course the door will be very hot, there is only one window 2 or 4 so eat that is more extensive can look out if the morning it will add coolness There is this kitchen. The disadvantage of this kitchen is that maybe I don’t see a stove on the right and left to make it easy to cook quickly and certainly not time consuming if you walk from a dirty kitchen space for example a kitchen room for the past.

called the dining room and this dining table. If you want to have a kitchen like this you can also add like a flower vase with flowers that live and are replaced every day, the more cool this room will be.

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